Self-Defense with your Significant Other – For Armed Citizen Defenders – Spring Training Special Buy One Spot & Bring a Friend or Family Member for Free!

Sunday, Feb 25th 2018, 10:00 – 5:00 IDS Advanced Training Center.

The vast majority of critical incidents happen in transitional spaces during the hours of darkness.  For many that also means our significant other is in close proximity.  While one of you may be trained in the appropriate response to a critical incident what happens if the other isn’t?  What happens if the attack is directed at our spouse, partner or significant other?  Will they know what to do?  Will they know how to defend themselves or defend you if the need should arise?  How will you defend them without putting them in harms’ way?

This course offers a framework to the answers to those questions and offers training in the basic practical applications of self-defense for couples.

NOTE: this is not a live fire class, we use inert weapons.