Threat Recognition (Training Center)

Sunday, November 5th, 10:00 – 5:00 IDS Advanced Training Center.

Build upon your shooting skills through the eye opening and innovative training process of Threat Recognition and Response Training.

When it comes to dealing with the realities of a lethal encounter being a proficient “shooter” simply isn’t enough.  Learning to recognize the elements of a lethal encounter and properly respond to them with sound and decisive decision making is the key to survivability.

Threat Recognition Response Training is an experiential process of understanding the use of force in what we at IDS call, “The gooey tray area”.  The “gooey gray area” is that place where the moral, legal, defensive skills, personal attributes, psychological, tactical and circumstantial converge.  That place where there is no definitive answer, the magic moment that matters most when faced with the unthinkable.

Modalities include but are not limited to: Statistical analysis of lethal force encounters, understanding OODA loop and reactionary gap, force on force scenario training, stimulus response drills, deterrence, verbal commands, timeline and proximity training, proper levels of readiness and dynamic shooting positions, legalities and proper use of force, weapon retention, preemptive strikes, in fight weapon access and deployment, tactical applications and maneuvers.

Prerequisite: must hold a valid CCW and be proficient with semi-automatic handguns, must be a US Citizen, Local LEO background checks

This course is nonrefundable unless canceled by Integrative Defense Strategies.

Required equipment: A HOLSTER CAPABLE OF CARRYING A GLOCK 17, Comfortable Clothing (that have belt loops and belt for holster carry, sturdy belt,  clean athletic shoes, If you have a magazine holster that will fit Glock 9mm magazines bring them with you, sleeves, long pants, a jacket or thick sweatshirt, neck gator, gloves that can be used to manipulate a pistol (Mechanics Work Gloves work well), groin protection and mouthguard.  If you own a SIRT training pistol please bring it with you, snacks, drinks and hydration.

Cost:  $179