Now Accepting Affiliate Applications for our Apex Instructor certification Curriculum!

There is a lot of great firearm training available today but sadly that doesn’t always translate into great self-defense training. A vast majority of training today focuses primarily on your ability to use your defensive firearm on the range. This is certainly an important skill but if you spend any time studying violent encounters it will quickly become apparent that pulling the trigger is just a fraction of the overall conflict.

We view the vast majority of training today equivalent to getting lessons in figure skating where as a violent encounter is like playing hockey. There are clearly some similarities, both activities use skates and take place on ice, involve balance and have some similar skills but knowing how to skate and do a triple Lutz clearly does not adequately prepare you to accel at playing hockey.

At IDS we have a singular goal of increasing your survivability in a violent encounter. To that end, we are taking applications from Self-Defense training centers and firearms instructors who would like to expand their offering by employing the IDS curriculum and help increase their student’s survivability. Please fill out the form below to get additional information about how our Affiliate program can help your business grow and your students become better prepared.

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