Prerequisite: Current CCW Permit and Proficiency In Contemporary Semi-Automatic Pistols

Because Multiple Victim Active Shooter Incidence are often over within 10 – 15 minutes, individuals on the scene do not have the luxury of waiting for law enforcement.

  • In 83% of active shooter incidences, the event is ended by force
  • 67% of active shooters are stopped by civilians

If More individuals are trained to deal with these events the shooter can be neutralized faster saving lives.

This Active Shooter Defense Seminar is essential learning for people of all ages who may be exposed to high threat environments for mass casualty and multiple victims.  Church members, security staff, educators, students, mental health workers, corporate employees, related Human Service professionals and anyone who feels the need, will find this information and training incredibly useful and relevant.  Attendees will be provided with a realistic set of skills and techniques to use before, during, and after such events to remain calm, make effective decisions, and assist in keeping themselves and others in their care as safe as possible.

Training Modules Include But Are Not Limited To: Why we Train – Statistics – Defining Active Shooters Vs. Terrorists – Active Shooter Methods of Operation – Terrorists Methods of Operation and Psychology – Mindset – Situational Awareness – Legalities (Four pillars and Use of Force Continuum) – Do’s and Don’ts – Improvised Weapons – Barricading  – EDC (Items to Have On You) – Taking Charge (EVERYONE Has a job) – Priority of Actions – Priority of Life – Traumatic First Aid – After Action – Calling 911 – When Police Arrive – The Importance Of Ongoing Training and Practice – Demystifying The Gun – Tactical Concepts – Fighting Back Practicum (Warm up, Solo Takedowns, Swarm Takedowns, “Smart Salmon” move away and move through and move away from the crowd drill, Redirect the Muzzle and Counter Attack and/or Take Down Drill) – Armed Ready Positions – Armed Response Drills -Force On Force Simulated Scenario Training. (Note: All Armed Response Drills & Tactics Will Take Place Inside of the Integrative Defense Strategies Modular Shoothouse.)

What to bring: 

-A good attitude and willingness to learn. -Snacks, drinks and necessary meals. -Comfortable clothes with clean athletic shoes for the mats. -If you have a strong side holster that will work with a Glock 17 bring it with you. -If you use a magazine holster that will fit Glock 9mm magazines bring it with you. -Thick or padded clothing to cover ALL skin and hands. -Groin protection. – Mouthguard.

Tuition: $179

This course is nonrefundable unless canceled by Integrative Defense Strategies.  If you need to cancel you can reschedule for a future date.

Private and group courses available by appointment only.  Inquire for group rates.