IDS/Funker Tactical – 3 Day Handgun Bootcamp - October 12-14th

The IDS/Funker Tactical 3 Day Handgun Bootcamp a revolutionary training camp specifically designed for the Citizen Defender.  Created by and lead by IDS Chief Instructor and Funker Tactical team member Todd Fossey; this camp and its mix of innovative training methods and modalities is changing the way training happens for the armed Citizen Defender.

Day 1:  Pistol Craft Skills and Drills | Integrated Weapons Based Combatives | IDS Advanced Training Center

Lecture: Anatomy of a Civilian Defensive Shooting – A comprehensive and data filled dissection on how civilian defensive shootings take pace.  Prioritizing training based on data instead of speculation, status quo and institutional inertia.

Skills and Drills: Diverging from the current model of generic marksmanship, skills and drills focuses on training to be a fighter with a gun as opposed to being a gun fighter. With the SIRT Training Pistol as its foundation, this modern day three-dimensional pistol craft training is executed in a way that simply can’t be done at a live fire range, ushering in a new paradigm in firearms training that more accurately reflects the realities of civilian defensive shootings.

Integrated Weapon Based Combatives:The data strongly suggests a high priority in the integration of hands free skills with the hand gun.  A multi-disciplinary approach where all defensive modalities are blended and interdependent with one another.  Modules include: In and out of holster weapon retention, armed defenses vs. impact weapons and firearms, weapons-based grappling standing and on the ground.

Threat Recognition:  Threat Recognition Response Training is an experiential process of understanding the use of force in what we at IDS call, “The gooey gray area”.  The “gooey gray area” is that place where the moral, legal, defensive skills, personal attributes, psychological, tactical and circumstantial converge.  That place where there is no definitive answer, the magic moment that matters most when faced with the unthinkable.

Modalities include but are not limited to: Understanding OODA loop, reactionary gap and perceptual lag time, micro scenario training, stimulus response drills, deterrence, verbal commands, timeline and proximity training, proper levels of readiness and dynamic shooting positions, legalities and proper use of force, weapon retention, preemptive strikes, in fight weapon access and deployment, tactical applications and maneuvers.

Day 2: CQB For the Citizen Defender | Weapons Based Combatives (Walls and Barriers) | Complex Force On Force (Active Shooter) Scenario Training | Video Analysis | SCALE Regional Training Facility

Lecture:  Practical Tactics for the armed citizen defender during a mass killing event.

Practicum: Isolating kinetic skills and drills that focuses on the tactical geometry of solo CQB for the armed citizen defender (SIRT).  This practical training will take place in a variety of training environments and configurations in SCALE’s Scenario Rooms.  Modules include, solo room clearing, entry and searches.

Complex Force On Force (Active Shooter) Scenario Training | Simunitions:  Each student will undergo a complex Force On Force Active Shooter Scenario with role players against active shooters with obscured sensory input.  This scenario will also include fast paced, complex decision making the use of emergency first aid, after action, after math as well as dealing with arriving LEO units in unfamiliar surroundings at SCALE’s scenario shoot house.

 * While each individual student is undergoing their scenario the other students will be participating in an in-depth video analysis of surveillance footage from well known active shooter and terror events.

*After the video analysis students will train with the computer-generated MILO Use of Force Training Simulator.

Day 3: Live Fire | 300 Yard Run and Gun Course | SCALE Regional Training Facility

Live Fire: This unique live fire training experience is designed to validate the skills and drills developed with the SiRT Training pistol on days 1 & 2 and will take place at SCAL’s state of the art covered outdoor live fire ranges.  Live fire training will include Running Man moving targets, drawing and shooting on the move, live fire CQB with the ability to shoot 270 degrees combined with various levels of physical exertion.

Required Equipment:  Handgun, holster and sturdy belt. Minimum of 2 Magazines, Apprx 350 Ammunition, Ear Pro, Eye Pro. Light jacket/hoodie and mechanix gloves for protection during scenarios. Mouth guard and groin protection also recommended.  If you have it available, SIRT Training Pistol and Backup Magazine, Holster for glock 17(No Blackhawk Serpa).


Footage from our previous IDS/Funker Tactical 3 day bootcamp:

Funker Tactical / IDS 3-Day APEX Bootcamp:

Training Opportunity with Funker Tactical’s Todd Fossey! FT/IDS 3-Day APEX BootcampComplete Training for the Citizen DefenderFor an opportunity to attend an APEX Bootcamp, Register: to you by Maxim Defense Industries

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