Lethal Encounters for Armed Defenders (All Levels and Abilities Welcome):

Prerequisites:  Basic proficiency with contemporary semiautomatic pistols is preferred.  

Class Description:

Note: If you’re a beginner, out of shape or have physical limitations there’s no need to be intimidated.  This course is for people of all levels and abilities.  Come learn and train at your own pace.  At IDS everyone learns from everyone.

Through the use of modern training aids such as SIRT Training Pistols and Simulated Munitions, training can safely take place in a controlled, 3-dimensional learning environment that closely simulates real world lethal encounters.

Practical kinetic skill building and reality-based tactical training will be experienced in high volume and repetition to reinforce a higher level of unconscious proficiency during critical incidents.  However, a significant amount of training time will be spent on understanding the use of force in what we at IDS call “the reality-based”.  The “gooey gray area” is that place where the moral, legal, defensive skills, personal attributes, psychological, tactical and circumstantial converge.  That place where there is no definitive answer, the magic moment that matters most when faced with the unthinkable.

In short, the goal of this unique training is to give armed citizens the practical skills and framework for decisive, confident decision making during violent, rapidly evolving, lethal encounters.

Modules will include but are not limited to:

Statistical Analysis of Lethal Force Encounters for Armed Citizens, Understanding Gun Fighting vs Generic Marksmanship, A Multidisciplinary Approach to Personal Defense, Mindset, Situational Awareness, OODA Loop/Reactionary Gap/21 Foot Rule, The 5 Stages of Violent Crime, The 5 Stages of Deterrence, Verbal and Non-Verbal Commands, Legalities of the Use of Force and Use of Force Continuum, Psychological and Perceptual Changes During a Life Threatening Encounter, Immediate After Action, The Paradox of Firearms Safety Rules, Muzzle Management, Shooting Fundamentals in the Context of Gunfighting, Weapon Retention, Shooting Drills, Draws from Concealment, Ready and Fighting Positions, Danger Areas, Reloads, Moving and Shooting/Shooting and Moving, Micro-Tactics and Maneuvers, Transitions Under and Over 90 Degrees, Use of Cover and Concealment, Gunfighting in Crowded Places, Muzzle Strikes, Drawing on a Drawn Gun,  Dealing with Multiple Attackers and Mob Defense, In Fight Weapon Retention/In Fight Weapon Access, Preemptive Strikes & Transitioning to Higher Force, Defending Chokes and Transitioning to Higher Force, Defending Blunt Object Attacks and Transitioning to Higher Force, Defending Knife Attacks and Transitioning to Higher Force, Maneuvering against a Charging Attacker, Vehicle Defense (weather dependent), Tactical Geometry,  Defending in a Common Structure and Room Clearing, Scenario Training, Force on Force Scenario Training (Note: Each Scenario will Fit the Skill Level and Abilities of Each Student).

What to bring:

A good attitude and willingness to learn, A HOLSTER CAPABLE OF CARRYING A GLOCK 17!!  Necessary Meals, Snacks, Drinks and Hydration, Comfortable Clothes (that have belt loops and belt for holster carry),  If you have a magazine holster that will fit Glock 9mm magazine bring it with you, Long sleeves, long pants, a jacket or thick sweatshirt to cover all skin and hands, neck gator, gloves that can be used to manipulate a pistol (Mechanics Works Gloves work well), groin protection and Mouthguard.



  • Non-Members – $299
  • Members – $249

This course is non-refundable unless cancelled by Integrative Defense Strategies.