Summertime schedule is one Sunday/Month from 10:00am – 5:00pm (Renewals have the option to start at noon but most are glad they attend the entire class).

What you get

Upon completion of this class, you will receive an official Certificate of Achievement and all essential forms to apply for your Minnesota Concealed Carry Permit/License. Simply submit the supplied forms with a $100.00 ($75.00 for renewals) fee to the county Sheriff’s office where you live. The Certificate of Achievement is good for one year from the date of completion. State application fees not included.

This class is nonrefundable, unless canceled by Integrative Defense Strategies / However, if you cannot make a class you have paid for you have 60 days to reschedule the class with no additional charge.

The Integrative Defense Strategies / Multi-State Concealed Carry Class dramatically exceeds the requirements for a Concealed Carry Permit in the state of Minnesota. This MN Concealed Carry Permit is currently honored in up to 35 states.

At Integrative Defense Strategies / we take our time with you very seriously. Our first time or renewal students come prepared to learn and execute what they have been taught. Because this is serious business, the practical training you receive from Integrative Defense Strategies / is direct and to the point. We will not take shortcuts nor will we compromise on time or attention to detail. Enroll with Integrative Defense Strategies / because you want the best and because you understand that our classes are about more than just a piece of paper.

Training modules include but are not limited to: The Use of Lethal Force (Including Legal Statutes, Psychological and Physiological Effects), The Realities of Owning and Carrying a Handgun, Practical Carry Fundamentals, Rules of Firearm Safety, Stoppages and Malfunctions, Shooting Mechanics and Fundamentals (Simulating live fire through the use of training guns and laser trainers), Mindset, Situational Awareness and Conflict Avoidance, Hand Gun Retention Drills, Simulated Scenario Based Combative Pistol Drills, Additional MN Gun Statutes, Live Fire Proficiency Test.

What To Bring

Bring your handgun and 50 rounds of proper ammunition. If you do not have a handgun or eye and ear protection they will be provided for you. Please secure your handgun and ammunition in your car before you enter the classroom.

Please bring your receipt for online payment and proper ID.

Wear Comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for hand to hand & Firearms Training.

If you have a holster and/or training gun bring it with you. If you do not have a training gun one will be provided for you.

Bring a notepad and pen/pencil.


5D Defensive Training System

All the classes above include our exclusive 5D Training System. At Integrative Defense Strategies / the firearm is just one part of a larger interdependent system of self- defense, a system where all of the elements are equally distributed and interwoven enabling adaptable options for all kinds of critical incidents.

We get you on your feet! Integrative Defense Strategies / is more than just a lecture or classroom. Instead, our objective is to be as hands on and experiential as possible getting you on your way to the building of mental and physical skills. Through the use of intensive and innovative training practices and strict adherence to the ethical and legal realities of Minnesota Gun Statutes, Integrative Defense Strategies / employs established tactics and strategies that have been proven effective time and time again in real world critical incidents, setting us apart from others in the industry. No other concealed carry class offers the scope and depth of this program.

5D Core Elements:

Legal Education
Mental and Behavioral Preparation
Hand to Hand Combative Training
Firearm Implementation
Simulated Scenario Exercises