IDS Citizen Defender Boot Camp June 12 – 14, 2020


IDS Citizen Defender Boot Camp | June 12 – 14, 2020

**Unless cancelled by IDS, this class is nonrefundable.**

The IDS Citizen Defender Boot Camp is a revolutionary training camp specifically designed with the Citizen Defender in mind.  Created by IDS founder and Chief Instructor Todd Fossey; this camp and its mix of innovative training methods and modalities is redefining the way training happens for the armed Citizen Defender.

Note: The SCALE Regional Training Facility is a State-Of-The-Art Training Compound Designed for Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Departments.  It hosts 60 thousand square feet of Force on Force Training Environments, High Tech Live Fire Ranges with Multiple Moving Targets and 270 Degree Shooting Out to 200 Yards, 5 Story Burn Tower, Pyrotechnics, Obstacle Courses, Smart Class Rooms, MILO Simulation Training and More.

Day 1:  IDS Advanced Training Center | 8:00am

Pistol Craft Skills and Drills: Using the SIRT Training Pistol as its foundation, this modern-day three-dimensional pistol craft training is executed in a way that simply can’t be done at a live fire range, ushering in a new paradigm in defensive firearms training that more accurately reflects the realities of civilian defensive shootings – Inst. Todd Fossey

Integrated Weapon Based Combatives: A multi-disciplinary approach where all defensive modalities are blended and interdependent with one another.  Modules include: In and out of holster weapon retention, armed defenses vs. impact weapons and firearms, weapons-based wrestling & grappling – Inst. Todd Fossey

Threat Recognition Training:  Threat Recognition Training is an experiential process of understanding the use of force in what we at IDS calls, “The gooey gray area”.  The “gooey gray area” is that place where the moral, legal, defensive skills, personal attributes, psychological, tactical and circumstantial converge – Inst. Todd Fossey


Day 2: SCALE Regional Training Center | 8:00am

Handgun Vehicle Defense: Draws, Presentation, Tactics and Strategies With and Without Passengers (SIRT) – Inst. SWAT Officer Jacob Gribble

Force on Force Road Rage and Carjacking Scenarios (NLTA / Simunitions): – Inst. SWAT Officer Jacob Gribble | Todd Fossey

Weapons Based Wall Work: Defending, retaining and counter attacking in confined spaces and up against walls and barriers while armed from various positions, standing and on the ground – Todd Fossey

Large Scale Mass Casualty (Active Shooter / Terror Response) Force on Force Scenario: Inst. Todd Fossey


Day 3: SCALE Regional Training Center | 8:00am (Note: Training will be completed by 1:00 on Day 3)

Live Fire Vehicle Defense| Glass | Body Ballistics | Use of Vehicle as Cover: – Inst. SWAT Officer Jacob Gribble | Todd Fossey

Packing List: A good attitude and willingness to learn. Necessary Meals, Snacks, Drinks and Hydration, Comfortable Clothes (that have belt loops and gun belt for holster carry), holster that will fit a Glock 17 (for SIRT) or magazine holster that will fit Glock 9mm magazine (or if you have your own SIRT) bring it with you, groin protection and mouthguard, long pants, long sleeves double layered, thin gloves capable of manipulating a weapon for Force on Force Scenario Training, Handgun and holster to support it (NO BLACKHAWK SERPA), at least 2 magazines and 250 rounds of range ammunition.


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