Most critical incidents happen within clinching distance to 6 feet, and they happen suddenly, violently and with little to no warning. Our comprehensive system of self-defense is geared toward integrating the hand-to-hand and the firearm defense skills necessary to avoid or stop the threat at these distances and beyond through the use of intensive and innovative training practices.

At Integrative Defense Strategies we employ established tactics and strategies that have been proven effective time and time again in real world critical incidents. If firearms aren’t your thing, check out our hands-free Defensive Options Program you will be glad you did!

Footage from our previous IDS/Funker Tactical 3 day bootcamp:

Funker Tactical / IDS 3-Day APEX Bootcamp:

Funker Training is finally here!Funker Tactical / IDS 3-Day APEX Bootcamp – Created by Todd Fossey: Complete Training for the Citizen DefenderFor an opportunity to attend an APEX Bootcamp, Register: to you by Maxim Defense Industries

Posted by Funker Tactical on Sunday, August 5, 2018

2018 Event Schedule! Package discounts available!

See event details under events menu above or in store!

May 20th – 4 Hour Defensive Handgun – SCALE
July 22nd – 4 Hour Intermediate Handgun – SCALE
September 23rd – 4 Hour Advanced Handgun – SCALE
October 12-14th – 3 Day Handgun Bootcamp – SCALE
November 18th – 8 Hour Force on Force – SCALE

Fit To Fight Apex Handgun Skills Training Camp:

Friday April 20th – Sunday April 22nd
This is a high level, invite only training camp exclusive to Fit To Fight Black Belts.
Various levels of this training camp will be made available to qualified citizen defenders. See our Events Page For future dates and details.
Friday April 20th: IDS Advanced Training Center

  • SIRT Handgun Skill Building, Level 1, 2 & 3
  • Integrated Combatives (Circle Drill), Impact Weapon Defense, In Fight Weapon Retention and In Fight Weapon Access Standing and on the Ground
  • Ryan Hoover HR-1 Integrated Blade Combatatives (2 hour block)

Saturday April 21st: SCALE Regional Training Center

  • Force on Force Safety Briefing – Class Room 9:00 – 10:00am
  • Active Shooter Response for the Armed Citizen Defender – Conducted by SWAT Officer Jake Gribble 10:30 – 12:30
  • Working Off the Wall While Armed – Padded Combatives Room 1:00 – 3:00
  • Complex Scenarios (Force on Force) – Scenario Environments and Corridor – 3:30 = 9:00

Sunday April 22nd: SCALE Regional Training Center

  • Advanced Handgun Training with High Physical Exertion (Live Fire) – SCALE Tactical Range 8:00am – Noon

Required Equipment: SIRT Training Pistol and Backup Magazine, Holster (No Blackhawk Serpa), Handgun, Minimum of 2 Magazines, Ammunition, Ear Pro, Eye Pro
Round Count, Suggested Equipment, Supplies, Logistics, Travel and Lodging Info will be made available in the near future.
Cost: $499

Registration is OPEN!