Pistol Craft: (age 21 and up)
Tuesday Nights 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Prerequisite: must be proficient with semi-automatic handguns.

This class is designed to do one thing and one thing only, save your life and the lives of others. The Integrative Defense Strategies / GunClasses.net Pistol Craft Class prepares you to overcome a real world threat, well before you find yourself in a critical incident.

Modalities include but are not limited to: The role of the handgun in day-to-day living, gear selections and set up, legalities of force and deadly force, mental and emotional preparation, the psychology of violent crime, de-escalation, disengagement, verbal and non-verbal commands, shoot/no-shoot decision making, defensive flashlight, dealing with aftermath, target-focused and index-focused shooting under stress, weapon manipulation drills, shooting positions, shooting on the move, use of cover and concealment, speed reloads, tactical reloads, vehicle defenses, home defense, fighting in common structures, room clearing, low and no-light gun fighting.

How It’s Done

We develop extreme close quarters combat skills in an environment that wouldn’t usually be considered bullet accommodating. At GunClasses.net we understand that a large percentage of the defensive shooting skillset is the practical development of firearm manipulation techniques. This accomplished through unconventional munitions and training aids such as:
Training guns
SIRT Laser Trainers
Air Soft Guns (Airsoft guns safely simulate all the handling aspects of a real gun without the danger.)
What you should expect from our Pistol Craft class:

A fun but challenging workout
The most practical self-defense training available
Increased energy, strength and confidence
The occasional bumps and bruises
What we expect from you:

Train regularly
Come to class on time
Be respectful of others (train safely, be aware of personal hygiene, change shirts between classes, etc.)
Wear shoes, but no outside shoes on the training floor
Appropriate gear to maintain a safe training environment (holsters and training guns if you have them)

Attend classes as your schedule allows. This class is part of the Pistol Craft and Tactical Membership plans.