Defensive Concepts (ages 14 and up) All Levels Welcome!
Thursdays 7-8:30 pm and Saturdays 11 am – noon

“The Fewest Number of Solutions to as Many Problems as Possible.”

Defensive Concepts self-defense curriculum is progressive and dynamic, in the way Krav Maga was meant to be – considered by many to be the most adaptable and efficient hand-to-hand defense system in the world. At Integrative Defense Strategies we have modified and streamlined traditional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)combative’s to fit the realities of the contemporary American lifestyle. We teach you only the techniques that you need to know and supplement them with additional combative systems, offering you a no-nonsense approach to the realities of hand-to-hand self-defense.

Through innovative and comprehensive training approaches, Defensive Concepts gets you on your way to protecting yourself and your loved ones from the very first class.

Be it Mental & legal preparation or hand-to-hand self defense, we can take your personal defense needs to the next level. Enroll with Integrative Defense Strategies because you understand that our classes are about more than just theory.

In addition to Defensive Concepts our supplemental modalities include but are not limited to: defensive flashlight techniques, conflict avoidance, situational awareness, the psychology of violent crime, verbal and non-verbal commands, timeline defense, the legalities of the use of deadly force, managing aftermath, defensive techniques for dealing with entanglement and clinch, ground fighting, weapon disarms, defenses against blunt objects, defense against knife attacks.

What you should expect from our Krav Maga Class:

A fun but challenging workout
The most practical self defense training available
Increased energy, strength and confidence
The occasional bumps and bruises
What we expect from you:

Train regularly
Come to class on time
Be respectful of others (train safely, be aware of personal hygiene, change shirts between classes, etc.)
Wear shoes, but no outside shoes on the training floor
Wear training pants or knee length shorts
Appropriate gear to maintain a safe training environment
Have fun and grow with us!
Attend classes as your schedule allows. This Class is included with the Self-Defense and Tactical Memberships.