Kickboxing and Clinch Fighting with a Fitness Twist!
Thursdays 6:00 - 7:00pm

To become competent at sparring/fighting, ordinary people, like most of our students, need to spend time actually sparring. However, when real contact begins, the attrition rate for school and gyms nationwide is around 80%. With that problem in mind, the actual anatomy of the Sparring/Fight oriented classes has been revolutionized and is now available to you. STRIKE™ uses unique and cutting edge methodology to implement a safe, fun and effective sparring/fighting in a structured, step-by-step protocol. STRIKE borrows very heavily from the foundations of Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Boxing and is steeped very deeply in each of the respective training methodologies. This “matrix” allows each athlete to forge a personal pathway or style.

Be it Mental & legal preparation or hand-to-hand self-defense, we can take your personal defense needs to the next level. Enroll with Integrative Defense Strategies because you understand that our classes are about more than just theory.

What you should expect from our STRIKE Class:

A fun but challenging workout
The most practical self-defense training available
Increased energy, strength and confidence
What we expect from you:

Train regularly
Come to class on time
Be respectful of others (train safely, be aware of personal hygiene, change shirts between classes, etc.)
Wear shoes, but no outside shoes on the training floor
Wear training pants or knee length shorts
Appropriate gear to maintain a safe training environment – boxing gloves and shin guards.
Have fun and grow with us!
Attend classes as your schedule allows. This Class is Included with the Self-Defense and Tactical Membership.